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Our main forte is the systematic analysis and data collection methods to discover genuine facts about every single tiniest aspect of your business.
With a team of fact finders, we serve 98% customer coverage through a custom-designed research program.
We become your business buddies right from the research initiation to the targeted ROI.
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The logical and most importantly our responsive style of R&D is how we create the impactful business strategy for our clients.


We catch hold of a star element that can attract the target audience and easily maintain consistency in customer-engagement.


The analyzers we hire are strongly observant with all the logic and reasoning required to understand human behavior.

In recent times almost all the focus has been shifted to tools and techniques used in the research. But many a time the excess use of these tools affect the quality of the final result. That is why we have designed an efficient approach which tries to address the situation from the roots.

Our major focus is on properly defining the problem and streamlining the process, this is how we can achieve the most accurate results in minimum time with minimum use of tools.

Our team of experienced experts has predefined a process for some of the common question faced by businesses in the current time.

CEO TRooCreatives 

What is the scope of my business?

We perform rigorous market research by deep-studying each and every aspect of your business- competitors, market trends, customer experience, product experience, brand experience, opportunity bar, investment, and payback window

SWOT analysis

It will help your business to grab the right opportunities, discover your business strength as well as weakness and derive antidots to future threats for your business.

Competitive analysis

It will derive critical information about the doings of competitors and what type of threats they can present for your business wellbeing.

Porter five force model

It is a powerful tool to measure your business capability and competitiveness to build profitable strategies.

Product Life Cycle Analysis

It will help your business to grab the right opportunities, discover your business strength as well as weakness and derive antidots to future threats for your business.

Online discussion

It gives actual and real-time customer opinions for your business to let you scale the level of product adoption among the audience.

Customers Survey

It performed through the onsite, online and telephonic medium will ease out to reach the audience in mass and proves best to cover all the crucial business aspects to research on.

Trend Analysis

It is a type of technical analysis to predict the future market trends related to your business.

Find out the Scope of your Startup Idea

‘Whom should I target for my business?

We will help you find the most lucrative audience for your business by conducting multiple surveys.

User Survey

It will help in understanding the psychology of different people.

User Personas

It will help you predict the common behavior of a different set of users interacting with your business.

SWOT Analysis

It is total market research of your business strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats.

Porter Five Forces

It will help you determine the competition in the market and how much impact you can have on the market.

Find the Best Target Audience for Startup

What are the customers shopping patterns for the specific product categories?

Our research techniques will help to go into the interiors of the customer shopping patterns and also come up with the best, convenient and effective purchase journey for your customers.

Shopper’s shopping patterns

It will give a holistic idea about different ways in which the shoppers buy your business products or avail your business services.

Customer’s purchase journey

It can give insights into the aspects which impact the most on the customers to make a purchase and how your business can readily serve their on-demand needs.

Online discussion

It is an easy and cost-effective research technique to initiate a live chat with customers and get a real understanding of how they feel to shop for your business products.

Market trends in customer experience

It gives complete updates on the current and upcoming technology to enhance the customer experience to shop for the products/services.

Find out the Buying Pattern of your Customers

Our creative mojo helps to keep your brand buzzing, burning and blooming in the target market!

  • Set the opportunity bar

  • Building root-level business capabilities

  • Using tools to get the data right

  • Deep insights into the market trends

  • Streamline the business cycle

  • Organic growth of the business

  • Set the performance standards

  • Impactful yet cost saving solutions

No matter in what market trends does your business idea sail – B2B or B2C or C2C.TRooCreative research and strategic solutions are powering the brand awareness for multiple industries.

Don’t hesitate to connect with our resourceful team of research intelligence even if your business does not fall among any of the industries mentioned in the list.
We are here to progress in achieving your business mission!

How can you avail our service?

It’s pretty simple to enjoy our research and strategy building services, All you have to do is

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  2. Fill in your purposeful requirement.
  3. Launch your research

Our team will guide you with the impactful and customized research program that best suits your research requirements.

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