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Media & Outdoors

All humans have the same skeleton, same body, and same skin, so what characterizes us?

Just as women carry a specific fashion statement and men carry their own styles, each brand has to uniquely identify itself in the market. Differentiation is the key to stand out.

We at TRooCreative provide a 360° exposure of your Brand’s Identity to your Target audience

Our Media Management Approach

In this digitally advancing world, outdoor media still has the most crucial impact on your customer’s mind.

TRooCreative’s Outdoor Media Clan leads your customers to make the right move by delivering the right message at the right time.

There’s a lot of science involved behind your company’s marketing success and we are the Scientists that experiment till innovation.

Get Started

Our Media Planners analyze the apt medium which caters to the big share of your market, define your impact goals, and your product’s market placement to strategize a compelling media plan for your company.

Be ready to reap the fruits of our media plans for you.

We are the most sincere buyers with your money because, being a business ourselves, we realize the value of an investment.

You might think that shopping is fun, but when it comes to buying for someone else with their money in your hand, believe us it is a huge responsibility.

Having a thorough knowledge in the field, we buy the best-suited ad place making it our business campaign, as We (TrooCreative and You) are a union after joining hands.

We measure the ROI and RoAs(Return on Advertising Spend) to detect what your company has benefited by our media plans.

We cater to an overlooked but important factor of media management which is to measure the impact of your ongoing advertising campaigns.

Public Relations

We have got the best PR executives in the industry who devise an optimal communication strategy at every progressive point of your firm. A well-maintained PR strategy will gain you new impressed investors, new clients, increased business, high-end talent, and increased credibility. We will be on top of each of these aspects as we collaborate. There’s detailed segregation into 6 well-thought strategies under PR and we do them all.

1. Trade Show

The event management team helps you participate and execute business exhibitions in your industry.

These Trade Shows generate incredible opportunities for direct selling and publicity.

Trade Show

2. Press Release

Our Media Consultants bring the press in front of you so that you can officially make announcements, inform about new collaborations, make conversations, and clear your controversies.

Press releases make you known to the world. It shuts the mouth for rumors and makes you the real Hero!

Would you like to have fame?

3. Product Launch

Busy working on your new product or in deciding an existing product’s revamping?

Vent your time focused on the product and don’t confuse thinking shiny of the launch.

We set up the platform and framework where you can effectively pitch in front of your target audience.

3. Road Show

You just pack your bags and be ready for the voyage. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

We make the itinerary for you to meet your prospect customers in distinct locations. Studying your customer behavior, we choose interactive games, sessions, and prepare promotional products for them.

Roadshows exhibit your brand to extensive crowds and markets. Set out with us to give your customers an eventful experience.

5. Conference

A conference is a rock-solid way to make a prominent place in your employees’ minds and also on the market.

We, at TRooCreative, plan out your entire conference starting from planning, budgeting, preparing your speeches/presentations, arranging the stationery & nametags for guests, checking on your RSVPs, and monitoring the security.

Conferences get to strengthen your company’s community & network, make face-to-face connections, gain exposure and firmly establish your Brand.

6. Fan Meet

Let your most loyal customers get mushy over your brand because the Date we set for you two will melt their hearts.

That’s right, we play the Cupid!

Ultimately, your fans will love you more and also promote your product/ service to their friends & family.

Our experienced marketers know all the tricks to get maximum engagement from our marketing efforts. They are capable to deliver top-notch results in any industry out there.

Don’t hesitate to connect with our resourceful Media Management team even if your business does not fall among any of the industries mentioned in the list.
We are here to successfully achieve your business mission!

How can you arrange a Business Event?

It’s pretty simple to arrange an event or acquire an outdoor media space

All you need to do is…

  1. Get your business registered with us.
  2. Fill in your purposeful requirement.
  3. We will Arrange Your Event

Our team will ensure you get maximum engagement using minimum resources.

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